Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello again Mr Heartache.

So basically the most retro, weird and fab video was released for SEKAI NO OWARI's Mr Heartache, which we all know by now was produced by Adam Young. And since the other link isn't working in a previous post, I thought I would share this amazing music video with you because it is just the best thing I have ever laid eyes upon (excluding Adam Young, of course).
The song is genuinely great and needs to become more popular ALL over the world!
So here is the music video

Love from,


  1. YAY! It is such a good song! I already tried to get in on Spotify (unfortunately it wasn't there.) Glad to see your official sign off


    PS. Hope you are feeling better

    1. I'm much better now thanks. I love this song too!! ALSO I wish Adam would have been in it- just like an extra or something, bc I would have loved to see him in that lobster costume that Fukase was in.

  2. I am the eggpant
    - Coconut