Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hootowl Day

Just a quick reminder that Monday 18th January is Hootowl Day for fans all around the world.

Things to do on Hootowl Day:

1) Write Adam on your left wrist and Young on your right.

2) Wear Hootowl Clothes or Merchandise (unless you have uniform or dress code for school/work)

3) Listen to Owl City (man we do that everyday)

4) Tweet/Message Adam - if you never have here's your chance. (Not saying he'll reply though!)

5) Try and get someone else into Owl City or Adam Young's other music. Spread the Hootowl love.

Of course all these things are optional ;0D

See ya'll later,


  1. The day has finally cometh!!! (Is cometh even a word) I will do the celebratory Hoot Owl traditions


    1. I will try too- however I have school and school uniform is a thing in Britain so *sad face*. But I am glad some one will! Happy Hootowl Day for Monday!
      -Imogen x