Monday, January 18, 2016

Youtube Video

So, I uploaded my first Youtube Video (on my personal channel don't go crazy) and it's been up there for five minutes and it's already been blocked in Germany - good times.

Can't Live Without You is my favourite song on Mobile Orchestra, so it's no wonder I made this

I didn't upload it on The Owl City Fan Club Vlog page because I want that channel to be clean of copyright strikes if for some freak reason I have to pass the blog on. Which I don't see happening, obviously so...

I'd been trying to work on this for the longest time and I guess today was a great day to release it. But I feel it best that (if you want to) you go and watch it now before pesky Youtube takes it down because I can totally see that happening in the near future!

Again, Happy Hootowl Day!


  1. It better not be taken down, but it's YouTube, so... I mean, they take down drum covers that have songs with the pitch lowered, so my guess is if it's not down by today, it definitely will be by the end of the week, lol.