Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy Hootowl Day!!


Happy Monday, I know the weekend has been and gone, and you're thinking I really can't be bothered to start the week. BUT today is the best day in the world despite Christmas - it's Hootowl Day! 


Yes. Go crazy - I'll allow you just this once. 

I know this is a day early but I thought I may as well post this now since most of you guys are American so you can wake up to this and I won't be able to post it when you all wake up because I'll be stuck in Secondary School during lunch break where phones and internet are strictly prohibited- great one school.

So, to celebrate and do my bit I've had to work in advance, oh and it's been very stressful. Well it wouldn't have been all that stressful if I didn't accidentally delete the story from Wattpad and re-write it again because I didn't back it up on my Mac. (Oh the things I do for you Mr Randal Young!) 

Nevertheless, I wrote a few chapters of a new Adam Young fan-fiction on my Wattpad account. I'd had the idea in my head for a while but I thought since it was coming up to Hootowl Day I could publish a few chapters to celebrate. So if you want to go and read it please do so by clicking here! As always I appreciate feedback if you want to give some and every read, vote and so on and so forth mean a lot! 

WARNING: Wattpad is difficult so you'll have to make an account to read it, if you haven't already got one of course, but other than that enjoy!

Of course, Hootowl Day isn't all about promoting my weird stories. Have you done anything for Hootowl day? If you have then put it down in the comments and I will be sure to check it out. 

And again, Happy Hootowl Day. Don't forget to have fun and party like a Hootowl!

See ya'll later,


  1. To honor this day I have been wearing my Ultraviolet tank, my homemade Owl City bracelet and I've also written Owl City on my arm. And when I got home I changed to my Owl City sweat pants. Mission completed.
    - Coconut

    1. You my friend, are a true Hootowl. I'm thinking I might want to rewatch all the podcasts. Keep celebrating

    2. Everybody keep being hootowl crazy and spread the AY love. Big hype going on in twitter if anyone wants to join ;0D