Friday, April 1, 2016

Score Number Three!


...Remind me never to say that again. 

So after everything that went on this week, we finally were able to listen to lovely new score by Adam today. It's score number three, and I actually cannot believe it. Time seems to have flown by (no pun intended). And in my opinion, I think it's my favourite so far.

It's just the whole vibe to me. It's got a certain sense of magic to it, that I felt that the Titanic hadn't. But also this whole kind of Port Blue vibe, that we can all enjoy. To me, it's not just Wheels Down (that turned out to be Seagulls, that we shouldn't have leaked, Cola's going to agree with this.) It also sounds like Sims music in places, which is an element I can enjoy.

My favourite tracks include: Nova Scotia, Stars Appear, and of course everyone's favourite Wheels Down.

But the score isn't the only thing I really want to talk about. I mentioned it just now. The leaking of Adam's new material, or anyone's actually. I wanted to talk about this because Adam has suffered from it a lot lately, and realised to what extent we have been leaking his music.

I am totally against leaking music, if it belongs to Adam, Matt, Lights, Breanne, a band I love, a band I hate. It's still something that I think is just a let down. At the end of the day, every music group or individual who's going to release an album or a score or whatever is going to have fans. Leaking the music early is just ruining it for us all, and as Mr Firefly Guy said himself "This is why we can't have nice things."

Yes I know he might sound like your whining Mother, but it's true. It was a nice surprise to hear Seagulls, but when your releasing something like Mobile Orchestra, it must be horrible to have worked on all that content for years and getting it out on time would be a stress, and then to have it leaked all over the internet before it's actual release must be hard. It also feels like an invasion of privacy, what happens if Adam just wants to make music for himself, without us seeing it.

Also, if you have been lucky enough to access tracks earlier than the rest of us, please do not share it around unless someone has asked you to send it to them, and then please do privately. It totally ruins the surprise for us all.

I doubt anyone is going to listen to this, but this is what I believe is right. You may all have your different opinions (which you are more than free to express in the comments) this is mine.

Sorry for the downer guys, but this matter seems to be upsetting Adam, or at least this is what it seems like on Social Medias (mostly Instagram)

Rant over!

Talk later my lovelies! 
Over and out,


  1. You've basically covered this already, but yeah, apparently the people who were posting it lived in places where April 1st had already come. So I guess we're the late ones. I might have overreacted a bit, and I do apologize for that.

  2. I really liked this soundtrack. It has the same kind of feel as Apollo 11, which I loved, but as you said, it has a Port Blue, kind of ambient feel to it. I really love it.
    And as for your comments regarding leaking, I don't have much else to say other than I agree. It must really stink to have been working on something like that for so long and have it come out without any of your consent. Especially if you were still working on it.

    1. I know anyone who is going to leak music won't actually listen to what we have to say about it. And it won't stop them, which is kind of sad. :0( Adam's already said he doesn't like it, and if he can't stop it, then a suppose no one can.

  3. Definitely my favorite score as well, so far. Seagulls also happened to be my favorite Port Blue, so it was a pleasant surprise that made me hop around with joy at my desk at work (yeah, I was listening to Adam at work, judge me)!
    -An Old Anonymous Friend

    1. Hello old Anonymous Friend. There is no judging going on here! We all love a bit of Adam. Who can deny listening to the calming voice of Adam when at stressful work? I'm all for it, personally.