Monday, March 21, 2016

The Future Owl City...


So after the release of the two amazing scores, many people have been wondering what is going to happen to Owl City. Adam made it clear on the scores website, score music is something he has wanted to do for a long time, and now he finally has the opportunity to do so. Us, as fans of course applaud his amazing work, that is awe-inspiring, but, to sum it up, most of us don't see this as a stand alone thing like Owl City.

But there seems to be another problem. Adam's contract has run out with Republic Records, apparently he left willingly so it seems as if he's not going to renew his contract. So for the whole day, a few of my Hootowl friends and I have been wracking our brains of the possible things Adam could do next.

And to bore you further, I have written them down:
1) He stops Owl City and continues with the scores.
2) He stops music all together and focuses on family life. (that is very unlikely, just put it in there to keep you on your toes)
3) Signs up to Gotee (Relient K's Record Label)
4) Another record label approaches him (WHICH I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND, if anyone is reading from a record label.)
5) And this my favourite... Adam makes his own record label and with good contacts could make it without Republic Records!

According to a good hootowl friend of mine (shout out to Solar) Adam has been in talks to other record companies, so MAYBE things will be able to resolve themselves as we speak!

Hootowl Hugs,


  1. This is actually really interesting. I think that he might put Owl City on a pause this whole year, and then see how he feels about it. He might miss it, he might not.
    I'm really looking forward to how this develops. I hope he get's a record deal that he's happy with.
    - Coconut

    1. Yes, I agree that he will put OC on hold for the year. I was actually more concerned about the next few years and what it would hold for Adam and Owl City. Maybe as well as music he might be focusing more on a family life with Abbey and stuff. Idk for now though, none of us do. We can just hope he gets a really good record deal with people who support him. :0)

  2. 5 would be awesome but 3 or 4 would be cool too. Also, I still believe he's gonna make another sky sailing album.

    1. That is very true!! According to iTunes Sky Sailing's record label is Republic too. I don't really know how that will continue either without a record label.