Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ascent of Everest


You're all going to have to forgive my lack of awareness in this post. I've been up since 
6 o'clock AND it's the weekend. So I'm very tired, my hands are kind of failing at typing at the moment and my body clock is all messed up. Also the fact since 6.30 I've been trying to sell CD's and DVD's at a Car Boot Sale means that I have only just got the chance to download and listen to the score.

This should prove how much I love you. 

So the first thing that struck me when I opened my downloads, with only half of my mind working, was as to why there was only seven tracks on the score. Before there had been 12 or 10, which the decrease of tracks last time, was more than made up with the music. But seven, it's kind of a weird number to end on. I know most of the tracks are longer, but the number itself feels incomplete. Does it mean something specifically to the Everest expedition? I don't know, and these would be questions I would already be answering if today... well wasn't today.
I'm pretty sure I'm being picky and tomorrow I'll think it doesn't matter at all.

I'm tired, okay? That's a good excuse.

Just a reminder this is my opinion, others will agree and disagree:

One thing about the Score is that it feels different to the rest. I don't exactly know why. It's not going to be my favourite or least favourite. It's just something that sets it apart from the rest, and if some of you can put your finger on it, then please do. 

I love the upbeat nature of this score. This is something we haven't experience much of in Mr Young's scores. This is one of the emotions he hadn't touched upon until now.

All of the score music I've heard from Adam on score terms have fit seemingly well with what I would imagine a scene of a movie on the matter the score is about. One of the only criticisms I have about this score is that not all the tracks fit as tightly as I would have imagined they would, and has done in previous scores.

I feel out of all the scores, this one is more relevant to me. No, that does not mean I'm climbing up Everest any time soon. But if any, this would be the score I'd listen to over and over and over again, just like Owl City or Sky Sailing.

As I mentioned, this is my opinion, you're welcome to say what you think down below. I'm always more than happy to chat with you about the score, or anything else! xD

Also- yup, I'm gonna make it a long one. Just want to say thanks to Aidan for stopping by and checking up on me and us all. It means a lot that he thinks I'm a decent enough administrator, and I'm sure you all enjoyed his little update on his life so far, as we miss him a lot! As he keeps saying, he will check back every so often to see how we're all doing. If you haven't seen his post, it's the one below this.

Much love and I hope the week is kind to you,


  1. I get what you mean about it sounding different. I've only had the chance to listen to the first couple songs, but right away I noticed that it felt less like a score and more like old Port Blue, which I guess would be why this one specifically feels like something you would listen to over and over like OC. So far, though, I am really enjoying it, and I personally love the new direction he's taking with the scores.

  2. I was listening to the soundtrack today, and you're right; it does sound a little different. There are some synths added in, and it's a bit more upbeat and (at times) intense than the other 3. I am curious as to why there's only 7 track instead of 11 or 12. Maybe it IS because of the length? I dunno. But, the soundtrack sounds cool. I personally really like it :)

    1. I like it too and I definitely agree with all the points you've made. But I'm sure there's something about it that makes it less score-y that the others.