Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hello my beauties,

Yes, indeed our lovely Adam Randal Young is turning thirty on the fifth of July, and I knew this, I could do the maths. But when I was scrolling through Tumblr the other week, I found myself utterly shocked by this. In less than two months, Adam is going to be thirty. And I can't help thinking what's up next for him. Marriage? Children? Who knows?

So to celebrate this huge milestone in his life, I wanted to do something special. A few days after I discovered that Tumblr post, I was talking to a friend of mine. She was telling me all about her big plan for Mr Young's birthday (No specifics, in case there is a tiny chance he's reading it). But she also told me she wanted to do something else. I then came up with the idea of this huge kind of celebration we could have to celebrate Mr Young's life and how he was made our's better.

But it's not just been us, in fact a lot more Hootowls really want to spread some love to Adam, in form of many things, and I'd just like to bring this to your attention, really. If you want you can become part of the birthday celebration. And everything that I have linked will be messaged to Adam!

Talking of milestone's (yes, I'm going to babble on about myself), soon I will be doing my work experience, which is compulsory for every Year 10 (9th grade) student (what it is, is self explanatory), and I get to do my work experience at Warwick Castle, in the shows and attractions team (so acting and so on and so forth), so I'm quite excited but more nervous than anything else. A few weeks after I have mock GCSE's, which are kind of like finals, but more important?, maybe, I don't know. But I'm revising hard, obviously.

And now back to things you care about, the score is coming out very soon, so get excited for that, as always there will be a post about how fabulous it is.

Okay, so talk in two weeks time :D

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