Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm Back Again | Goodbye Dubai

Hello my favourites!

So, you know I was just casually talking to Aidan (the previous owner of this blog- if you didn't already know) about random things like the Grammar Police and my friend Sarah getting Relient K tickets (I am super jealous). Thought to be honest I am screaming inside right now because I just payed for some Bastille Tickets. So that should be fun!

Anyway to get to the point Aidan sent me the link to this beauty. So obviously it's gonna be good because it's a Relient K interview, and who wouldn't want to endorse themselves in the wise words of Capri-sun Thiessen and Hoola Hoop Hat Man Hoopes? But if you actually begin to read it, you will stumble across some exciting news!

And obviously for me this is excellent news, because two of my favourite people are making music together. 

Also I just wanted to remind you all, that Midsummer Station is gonna be 4 years old tomorrow, and since I'm away in Brighton, I'd thought I'd give it a quick shout out now! 

Okay guys! Talk soon!


  1. Lovely! Thanks for the news! At first I thought u had left from a vacation from the title XD Cant wait to see what they make! It'll definitely be amazing. -Cello

    1. Ha ha~ gosh I wish I could go on holiday!
      Since Matt T and Adam are two of my favourite music people (excuse my lack of terminology) in the world, I am actually dying to see.
      Imogen xx