Thursday, September 1, 2016

Score 8 | Corduroy Road


So you know what day it is. The first of the month always means score day (though it was a good thing that friends reminded me because I was so focused on doing last minute homework that I completely forgot- don't tell Adam). 

Anyway, so this score is about the Civil War- and specifically something to do with Corduroy Road. Which to me, as a pale english white girl, means absolutely nothing. So- as always I did a bit of digging, so if any of you don't know, here is what a Corduroy road is, courtesy of Wikipedia:
corduroy road or log road is a type of road made by placing sand-covered logs, sometimes known as "punchings," perpendicular to the direction of the road over a low or swampy area. Corduroy roads were used extensively in the American Civil War in Sherman's march through the Carolinas.

Okay so now we all know what a Corduroy road is and feel really dumb for not knowing, let's discuss the score.

Well- the first track named "Country Hymn", almost made me cry. It's my favourite track on the score, and I don't know there is something very emotional about it. Maybe that is why it made me tear up a little- but then again it might be just because I know I have to back to school on Monday.

The rest of the score flows brilliantly as always, and demonstrates the march on the Carolinas. As always I have no complaints on the music front, it is always brilliantly composed and this score is no exception.

However- because I am evil and always have a criticism. I think the choice of historical event may not have been the wisest. Adam knows people from all around the world will listen to his scores, and this is one very in depth thing to write a score about, and very selective to the US. I knew nothing really about the Ascent of Everest or The Spirit of St Louis or Project Excelsior, but we can all get a grasp on what it is like to climb a mountain, or fly in a plane or Jump off the edge of the world.

Don't get me wrong, I like broadening my horizons when it comes to history. But Adam has made us really work to understand this score, if indeed you knew nothing about this already. I think it takes a little bit away from the experience of the score, if you have to read up about it. But Adam has always been brave enough to take his own direction. Which is something I have always loved him for.

But as always, amazing work from an equally as amazing individual,


  1. Personally I did not like it, I miss the old Adam's songs with those chilli wonderful sounds and splendid lyrics and thats what I had expected for this new album, a New version of those back in the day feelings, Im sad right now

    1. well each to their own. But I like the change- and Adam's Owl City vibes will return next year (or at least he'll work with them)

  2. This is somewhat off-topic, but does anyone know what happened to Adam Young's blog? ( It's been down for a month or two.

    1. It's okay! Sorry for the late reply. The blog is still a thing- the web address just changed!
      Nothing to worry about :3

    2. Thanks! I'll have to update my bookmarks to the new web address.
      You would think, though, that if the URL was changed, the server would redirect you to the new address, instead of just giving an annoying 404 page. Grrr...

  3. Second half of 'March to the sea' is beautiful - my favourite Adam Young vibes tbh, that ambient sound. Favourite song overall was probably 'The Deep South' - the synth that kicks in at 44s is life itself. Already looking forward to the October score!!

  4. "It is well that war is so terrible, or we grow too fond of it."
    Well done, Mr. Young.
    -An Old Friend