Saturday, October 1, 2016

Score 9 | Voyager 1

It's October already!

This is something I really can't believe. 

So here we are again (the first of the month), with another beautiful score. Which also means, sadly, we only have two more scores until this year's AY project is over.  But if we look on the bright side, it means two more scores until Adam goes back to focusing on Owl City for 2017- and I am so excited!

But for now let's focus on October's Score- Voyager 1. So for a bit of context if you didn't know already: The Voyager 1 was a space probe launched by NASA in 1977 to study the outer Solar System. So yes, in some respects we are just imagining a machine taking a stroll in the universe, however I think there is something quite special about that. No human interactions, unless your counting NASA watching through the camera lens back on earth.

I love the little voice samples Adam has added into the score, and the way he's made the whole score sound very 70's orientated, but somehow worked it so younger people, like me, could enjoy the score. 

What can we say, the man's a genius. 

I'd say this part is pretty important (hence the capitals- okay now I feel really bad because it looks like I'm shouting at you.)
In other news- it seems there has been some kind of break through, okay maybe I'm over playing this way too much.
But one of my very good Hootowl friends, found something amazing and was kind enough to share it with me (so props to Jason- thanks bro.)
There are many theories to as what this is. Shooting Star demos? New music? Is Adam making a new EP of remixes? Honestly none of this is solid evidence, but I love it. What do you think it is? Because, honestly, I have no idea.

Anyway- hope to speak soon!

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