Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Old News??


Now I appreciate this is old news for most of you (if not all of you), but if you are a relatively persistent member of the Hootowl community, then you will most likely be aware of this wonderful thing Adam has set up for us all!

I was sent the video via. group chat on Twitter, and I was immensely surprised when I opened it up... I think the biggest shock was that Adam was wearing some kind of eye make-up, but when the initial shock was over, and Adam had stopped blabbering on about the scores, the finally announced the competition.

I'd just like to put it out there, I'm not entering. Don't get me wrong- I would love to, and it could serve me well, as I aspire to do something with film-making and screenplay (though I don't think you particularly care at this moment in time). However, for me, in terms of education, this is a crucial year. The kind of year that is going to affect the rest of my life- and I really cannot afford to get hung over a big project like this. Also for me, free-time is at a minimum, and revising is a priority. Maybe it's down to laziness, I don't know, but the fact is, I'm not taking part in the competition.

But just in case any of you were I just wanted to drop in and say good luck! It's going to be hard, and time consuming, (possibly cash consuming??). However, every moment will be worth it. If Adam doesn't pick your entry, seriously, who cares? It's experience! And for anyone who is entering, I'm very proud of you! ...and pleased you're not as lumbered down with exams as me...

But this kinda brought something to my attention; 
I feel as if the blog has been lagging because of the lack of Owl City/Adam Young news, so, maybe I'll think of doing an art competition or (like Aidan previously did) a competition where you get to write a few of our entries!

Anyway, I'll have a chat to Patko man and I'll get back to you!
Love ya'll lots <3

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