Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Base Jumping Into 1977


It is I, the humble creator and former owner of this lovely little blog, Aidan. As many of you know, I drop in from time to time to surprise you and weigh in if I have something important to say.
Well, I have something important to say!

I have been just a tad behind and busy with other matters, and it has only been tonight that I have been able to take part in Adam's latest masterpiece, Voyager 1. However, I was hardly able to settle in for even a second before making a startling and exciting discovery.

As many seasoned hootowls may be able to tell you, Adam has already sampled some of his old instrumental project, Port Blue, in his musical scores. I was a bit surprised, then, to discover that nobody had noticed that "1977," the opening track, is again one of these samples. Likewise, the third track, "Asteroid Belt," is another copied track.
Back in 2013, YouTube user ThisGuyIsAnonymous uploaded five unreleased Port Blue recordings which all appear to be part of an EP titled "The Pacific." I have had this album on my phone for three years now. Therefore, it was easy for me to notice that "1977" is actually entitled "Base Jumping," the opening track from The Pacific EP. Likewise, "Asteroid Belt" is a track titled "June Bug" from that same EP.

Now it's about to get even more obscure. Only extremely well-versed hootowls are likely to know about Insect Airport - a project which received extremely minor attention from Adam and only produced a few tracks. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered that "Interstellar Space" is actually a track from Insect Airport, simply called "Apple."

I personally think it's really cool that Adam is using these scores as a way to bring his old music to new life, and put them in the public eye instead of in the depths of Youtube. It shows to me that his old recordings are still important to him and have enough meaning that he takes the time to revive and re-release them.
(By the way, here are links to The Pacific EP by Port Blue and "Apple" by Insect Airport, both courtesy of YouTube.)

PLEASE drop into the comments and say hi - I cannot tell you how much I miss hanging out with every one of you on the blog. I love and miss you, and I promise to drop by again soon.

Sincerely yours forever and always,


  1. This post scared me so much.
    We miss you too Aidan. <3

  2. This album is maybe one of my favorite adam's done, period. I hadn't been following his work or the scores very closely for a good while, but for some reason i remembered it was a new month and decided to check. Base jumping's always been one of my favorite pieces of music so it was so damn special to listen to it remastered like this. Voyager 1 was one of the highlights of this year for me. The new tracks, especially earth and jupiter are also criminally good.