Saturday, December 3, 2016


Guess who's late? Again.

Guess who has exams again. At least I have some form of an excuse.

But nevertheless, the last score, it has made me cry. Maybe the emotions of the last score have really gotten to me. I'm really going to miss new music every single month, though Adam has promised new Owl City music (and possibly Sky Sailing too, it's kind of sad to see something Adam is so enthusiastic about to finish.

This score is very enjoyable, and Adam's vocals are a nice extra, and for the Nautical mood, I think it suits very well. It's easy to imagine life on the ship, specifically in Hoist The Sail for me. 

I just wanted to give a send off to the Score project all together. I have, and I'm sure you have all been too, been gobsmacked by the amount of talent Adam has showcased in his Scores. I am, for one, so glad that Adam has got the opportunity to live out his dream since he was sixteen, and I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true.

As someone who aspires to work as a screenwriter some time in the future, the score music has really been something I've been interested in without knowing. At first, I was unsure, and half way through, things kind of slowed down and bored me. However August's score, really lifted me back up. Since then I have treasured them all, and now I can't believe it has come to an end.

My top five scores (in no order- because it's too hard):
Project Excelsior, The Spirit of Saint Louis, Apollo 11, Ascent of Everest, Voyager 1.

My top five tracks (again in no order):
Wheels Down, Return To Earth, Western Cwm, Stars Appear, Helium Balloon.

Love you all-signing off,

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  1. Not sure if you've noticed this but in this last score, in the track "elephant island" right at the 2:08 timestamp is the port blue song "helmet". I've honestly never found too much concrete info about helmet but it is on youtube if you look for it, earliest ever documentation of it i could find dates to 2011, very hard to unearth information about his obscure stuff other than just youtube but they're always in some hidden nook online.
    Also to note is that "helmet" is the exact melody of january 1 1986, the track before galaxies. Funny how some old melodies of his have seen some mileage. There's probably some more exemples throughout the scores but for now i haven't listened to all of them.