Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friend's of The Blog Part One

WARNING: This part doesn't really get to the point of that Friend's of The Blog is (just the origins.)

Hello my Christmas Crackers,

So the holidays are nearing, and last weekend my Mum and I decorated the house, hung the wreath on the front door, strung up the fairy lights, put the angel on top of the tree, and all I can think is how much my house looks like a tumblr dream. Though my Mum's home design skills have always been on point. 

So whilst I was experiencing this bout of holiday cheer and I was in the mood to do a little bit of "renovating", I decided to change some aesthetics around on my Tumblr and Twitter, so at least in my mind it will start "beginning to look a lot like Christmas", because in England, let's face it, snow is impossible, especially where I live.

Then it occurred to me that I couldn't leave the blog out! Especially since I'd just found a picture on the internet (the gold joy to the world picture now included in the header) that I could put as a lyric from Owl City's new song "Humbug", which happens to be my favourite line. Plus, I'd made a few pretty rad banner (if I do say so myself) for my friend's new blog, so I thought I could give the blog a little refurbishment.

But this week something pretty sweet happened, and it got me thinking. A parcel from an online clothing store was sent to our address by mistake, after a few minutes of talking with them, they let me keep the package, which I was not anticipating at all. They said it was a "Christmas Gift from us to you" and it really made my day. They also said "to spread the Christmas spirit and re-gift it or donate it to charity", and that's just what I did. I know it sounds like a part of some two-star-out-of-five christmas movie, but it made me feel good to know someone else who needs the clothes a lot more than I do, would receive them.

I was also preforming at a carol service at our local church on Thursday night and when our Parish Vicar gave his address he started talking about "Christmas Spirit", and it reminded me one of "Humbug" because he was talking about "The Christmas Carol", but it also reminded me of "All this holiday cheer, heaven knows where it goes but it returns every year." 

And especially what happened with the parcel coming to my house and donating it, I came to the conclusion that you shouldn't just feel like giving at Christmas, but all the year around. And I know it sounds obvious, and you've probably heard it about fifty times this year already (especially if you attend church regularly). But no other year has highlighted this to me more than this one.

I added 'The Freshest Blog In The World' to Friend's of the Blog. I'm beyond proud of Sarah to starting this blog... have I mentioned the aesthetics are amazing. The blog is quickly growing and since I know a lot of Hootowls are Relient K fans too, I wanted this to be a platform for you to get involved in Sarah's Blog too, since both are closely linked.

Signing off for a few minutes!


  1. This post was so great, thank you so much xoxo

    1. No, thank you! You're such a rad friend and I'm glad the blog life is being kind to you. x