Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Video + Review

First of all, if you haven't checked out Adam's new single for Father's Day go and check it out now on Spotify or download and listen. Here's a few links (thanks to Adam) compiled together so you can go check it out.

The music video for Not All Heroes Wear Capes was premiered by People, and first it's really important to understand that though this version is similar to the single it is the acoustic version. Though most instruments in the single you could class as 'acoustic' if you will. I feel as if the pure acoustic nature of the video, filmed in something as mundane as a workshop and garage, a far cry from the huge stages Adam has braced- well there seems something raw to it- more personal to him, but actually more relatable to us.

I think I actually prefer Adam's vocals in the acoustic version too. They're not perfection, notably on the line "He built me a house in the arms of a tree", but I think this is what gives the track a whole lot more character, as I said personal. Where as the original for me, seems to be a little over-produced and 'perfect' for the message of the song.

As always, Adam has done an amazing job on this new track. I can hear so many influences from his scores project last year that has seemed to worm its way into his Owl City work- and I actually have really enjoyed this addition. I have also spotted something Hootowls might have classed as "Old Owl City", as well as maintaining the TMS and MO kind of vibe through his gritty vocals. 

I won't dwell on what the message means for me so much, as Father's mean different things to different people. But, unfortunately, and through no fault of Adam's, this track is simply not a tear jerker through the message- I've never had an experience of a Father in my life. However, the fact that I can see Adam back to brunette (yes!) and doing his thing again; without really hearing from him directly on Owl City since 2015- it had been a pleasure, and all I can say it welcome back buddy. We missed you.

So here's the verdict: the original version, as well as it does show the old OC elements, for me, feels over-produced and goes a bit over your head. However, the acoustic version with the ambient atmosphere of 'Dad', is much more fitting to the meaning and message. Oh also Randy is pretty cool.

Just a quick drop in too to say, if you're interested, Lights has a new single out on the 23rd called Giants- you should definitely go and check it out. The single is from her up-coming album Skin and Earth, which she has put so much effort into -- as much as illustrating and writing her own comic and making an interactive map on Instagram where she hides hidden clips and clues.

Talk later!

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