Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just A Few Questions

Nights like these, with the rain falling on the roof loud enough to just barely be heard over the "Homework Edit"of Seagulls by Port Blue (check out the song here), are the best nights to just be lazy and search the internet to see what pops up.
Tonight, being one of those nights, that's exactly what I'm doing. And by searching 'owl city' in YouTube (something I've done millions of times, hoping for new results) I find something I really enjoy: 

If you need a tip on becoming a more knowledgeable hoot owl, my tip would be to watch a ton of Owl City interviews. You can learn a ton about him from his interviews, which is also where I find my fun facts for the podcasts. And I know I'm weird, but I find Adam's speaking voice almost as calming as his singing voice. I often times just enjoy listening to him talk. But as I said, listening to him chat is very useful for finding out facts and trivia about him.
I wonder if he'd find that weird.


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