Monday, August 1, 2016

Project Excelsior | August's Score


So this is the seventh score, and I'm loving it. I don't know if it's just the August air, since August is one of my favourite months, but something about the Project Excelsior score makes it as awe-inspiring as some of my earlier favourites that are Apollo 11, The Spirit of St. Louis and The Ascent of Everest. 

To me, as soon as I started listening to this score, I just fell in love with it. In my opinion, it's basically the Ascent of Everest, but more fitting to the whole theme. With both of these scores, I would just listen to without thinking about the theme, and just for the pure purpose of wanting to listen to Instrumental music. But as I mentioned before, unlike the Ascent of Everest I can imagine these events unfolding as the music plays.

And then there's of course the Snowfall song from Adam's old Soundcloud.
It made me realise... Adam I miss your old SoundCloud.
And your tumblr...

In this score, I can hear Port Blue, and maybe some Owl City kind of vibes going on, and basically I love it. And as always, I'm glad I downloaded it, and I want to Mother it, but I also want to marry it. Fan girls- you know the feeling.

I also wanted to say (very quickly), that a couple of friends and I, are working on a Thomas The Tank Engine and Up All Night remix (yeah, we are.) And yes, we are taking this very seriously, we even made a private chat in Twitter and I just tweeted Adam about it. So, he better watch it when it comes out. "When does it come out?" I hear you say. The 28th of August, which has nothing to do with a certain person's birthday...

ALSO- would just like to give a shout out to Mr Cameron Tierney, it's his birthday tomorrow and he's going to be 15. 

If you want a shout out near your birthday, just tell me when it is, and I'll do it. (if I don't already know.) 

K ya'll, I love you!


  1. I really agree about the Owl City/Port Blue vibes from this score, I'm loving the synthy stuff! (Is synthy a word? I don't know)

    1. Well it's a word now.
      I just love this score so much for all the reasons you mentioned it just reminds me so much of these two projects ultimately for the style of this score, and honestly, it is in my top three favourite scores.
      Have a lovely day!
      Imogen x