Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friend's Of The Blog Part Two

This is where I get to the point. 

Friend's of the Blog is a sort of scheme I want to introduce on this blog, for friend's and followers I have (yes that includes you), who are starting new websites and blogs about absolutely anything that they feel passionate about. 

But before you read on, if you want to know the origins of why I started up the scheme, read my previous post. It does harp on a bit, so you've been warned.

Here are some ground rules:
One) Your blog/website/interest must be suitable for all ages. No inappropriate topics. If these are posted afterwards, I will remove from the panel.
Two) For your blog/website to be featured in the panel you must have been following this blog for at least five months or be a mutual to me. For these reasons, Anonymous followers cannot be featured, unless I know you by a certain name.
Three) Tumblr/Wordpress etc... blogs are accepted. Not just bloggers- and I will add websites too as long as they are accessible to me.
Four) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter sites are not allowed.
Five) To be featured you must get in contact with me.

To be featured on the panel, please email me at or Direct Message me on Twitter.
In your message, include your name, a bit about yourself, the name of your blog, why you made your blog and some info about it, and lastly a screenshot of your blog. 

Alrighty, send away!