Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy (Belated) Hootowl Day/OC 17 Theories

Hi guys,

I've been really busy catching up and getting back into the swing of school work since mock exams have been tying me down for the past three weeks. I just want to say I hope you all had a lovely Hootowl day and spread a little of the Owl City love!

Now, Hootowl Day 2017 being a complete wash-out in my books (I did exercise- I know pretty bad, right?) I casted my mind to what the rest of the year could hold for us- the Hootowls, and the big man Adam himself.

Well there's the obvious one. I think all Hootowls are waiting in anticipation for a new album. After all, it has been ten wonderful years of the Owl City project, and what would be a better way to celebrate than an album? Adam has admitted in the past that he had been working on Owl City music as well as Scores in 2016- so there is always the possibility.

I think it's fair to say we'd all love him to revisit his old styles from Ocean Eyes and ATBAB, maybe even from Of June and Maybe I'm Dreaming. Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with TMS/Ultraviolet/Mobile Orchestra sounds as much, but the nostalgia of being an eight year old would be great to relive, even if it was one or two tracks on the album.

If Adam asked me what would I want the album to be like, I think I'd have a very clear cut answer. If each track on the album celebrated each of his major albums (including Of June and Ultraviolet EP's), with their kind of sound. It would be a treat to relive the past ten years of Owl City through one album and new content. And it would be pretty rad if he called the track names similar to the album titles.

Though then technically that's only seven tracks. I mean, we'd always need an outright religious song (it's kind of his speciality), one of those songs co-written with Thiessen that tend to make us fall on the floor laughing. I'd really love another collaboration with Carly Rae- her style has become more mature over time, I find myself listening to her often. I'd love a collab with Lights (again), but in a style that's more Lights-esque I suppose. And one with Relient K, again with a more alternative rock style compared to Pop or Electronica.

Again, there's no news on Adam's record label, no matter how much digging I do. Maybe he's going rogue? But I still like the idea of Sky Harbour Records, you can take me up on that one Adam.

Just a reminder that there are ten days until our competition closes, I have received two entires so far!

What are your hopes for OC 17? I'd love to hear them! Drop me a comment.

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