Thursday, February 2, 2017

Competition Entries!

Happy February everyone!

Two days ago the blog's Art and Literature Competition closed, and I have received some breath-taking (I'm actually not joking) entries, which have done nothing less than astounded me. So without further-a-do let's have a look at these fantastic entries that you all sent me;

First of all, from a close friend of mine and commenter on the blog, this beautiful entry from Cola, when he sent it to me, I almost welled up in tears at how lovely this picture was! The time and effort that must have been put into this must have been to the max. I know Cola is talented, especially in terms of art, so thank you buddy- and well done!

Next up, a photo after my own heart. If you get to know me, you'd know how much I obsess about things looking "tumblr" or "aesthetically pleasing", and this has hit the nail on the head. This entry was from one of my close friends too, Sarah, also known as Sahara over at The Freshest Blog In The World. Whenever I look at this it fills me of satisfaction from the way the flower petals are arranged to the font on The Midsummer Station.

All I can say is wow! This piece of art is so bright with huge amounts of Owl City song references, and something different catches my eye every time I look at it. It reminds me of one of Adam's places to visit - Tokyo - and how bright the lights (no pun intended) can make your life, and remind you of odd things as you stroll or skate down the side streets. Well done to Idoke for sending this to me via email. I am more than impressed.

And lastly (but certaintly) not least is this inspiration piece of writing is from another of my close friends Jewel. Though by no technical terms is it something you put up in an art gallery, but it is a piece of art that I thoroughly enjoyed reading through and make my heart melt just as much as the other pieces of art that were entered.

So I've left a poll over to the right of this post so YOU can decide who will win the competition! Their art will feature on the right panel of the blog. 

Again a big thank you and well done to all of you entered. I wanted to make an especially huge thank you to Jewel who shared the competition on her Owl City Group on DeviantArt, it means a lot!

Again, Happy February my darlings, and remember to get voting!


  1. I was gonna say "vote for my boyfriend" but all the other entries are so good holy cow

  2. If y'all don't vote for Sarah I'll fight all of you